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(1895- 1984)

Born in Bucharest, Romania. Studied Architecture at the Polytechnique in Zurich and painting with Iser-Josif. In 1922 he returned to Romania, where he made his mark as a painter. In 1941 he immigrated to Israel.

Janco was one of the founding figures of the Dada, the avant-garde movement composed by poets, painters and philosophers, who opposed to the war, the bourgeois and the traditional art, they believed that chaos, nihilism and lack of rationality will make the world a better place to live in. 

When he came to Israel, Janco's paintings became more figurative and more Jewish related, he used to paint landscapes of Safed and Tiberias. Although his style changed when he came to Israel, Janco was always loayal to the dadaist elements in his work.  

In 1953 on the ruins of an abandoned Arab village, Janco established the artists’ village known as Ein Hod, which now boasts the Janco Dada Museum.  In 1967 he was awarded the Israel Prize for Painting. In the last years of his life he worked together with his friends to erect the Janco Dada Museum. 

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Original artworks and lithographs by Marcel Janco can be found at the Engel Galleries Israeli art collection.



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