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Arie Aroch
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Arie Aroch

Flowers on a Table
Flowers on a Table

Dancing Girl
Dancing Girl

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(1908- 1974)

Born in
Kharkov, Russia. Immigrated to Israel at the age of 16 and studied at Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, where he met artists like Castel, Stemasky and Streichman.
between 1934-1935 he studied art in
Paris under Leger and others.  


Aroch is one of the most influential artist in Israel; he was the founding figure of several artistic groups such as "New Horizons" and "10+", but he always kept his individuality and uniqueness.


Aroch's early works was influenced by expressionism, especially Sezan's landscape and still life. His later work characterized by intuitive scrawls, collages and child- like drawings, which was influenced by the New York abstract expressionism and the American Pop art.


In 1976 both Israel Museum and Tel Aviv Museum honored Aroch with a Retrospective exhibition.


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Original works by Arie Aroch can be found at the Engel Galleries Israeli art collection.





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