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Engel Gallery, 26 Gordon st., Tel Aviv
we are located on Gordon street, between Ben- Yehuda and Dizingof street
Bus: 4, 10

Engel Gallery, 13 Shlomzion Hamlka st., Jerusalem
we are located near Jaffa Road, in the corner of Yanai street
Bus: 6,13,18

Engel Gallery, 1 Khutzot Hayotzer, Jerusalem

we are located at the entrance to the arts and crafts center (Hativat Yerushalaim street), between King David hotel and Jaffa Gate.
Bus: 18,13

Engel Gallery - 26 Gordon St., Tel-Aviv Tel. 03-5225637, 03-5239847, Fax. 03-5226145
Engel Gallery - 13 Shlomzion Hamalka St., Jerusalem Tel. 02-6232397, 02-6253523, Fax. 02-6249439
Engel Gallery - Khutzot (Hutzot) Hayotzer, Jerusalem Tel. 02-6289802
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